Simple, smart applications for your website that

And all of that while providing context so you can get better insights to fuel your actions. You can even integrate your favourite tools and bring your data to get even more complete picture.

Did we mention you won't need in-house IT to install instapps?

  • Feedback

    Your customers know a great deal about your products and services. They buy them and use hem every day and good news is - you can use their experience. We let them speak directly to you and give meaningful notes and hints.


    With instapps you can easily and 24/7 check on most powerful customer metrics like Net Promoter Score, Net Buyer Score, Customer Effort Score, Customer Churn Rate and site assessment in key areas like speed, ease of use, ease of purchase, assortment and prices.

  • Suggestion

    Consumers are prosumers now. They have their own opinion and want to take part in life of the brand they love. About 20% of them happen ot have brilliant ideas when use your site. Let them share it.


    We collect the ideas for you contextually and organize them so you know which are the most important to implement. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow.

  • Contact

    Contact form - the most obvious element on the page - unless it’s not. Research shows that very often it is the element hardest to find and causing numerous problems. Mainly it is not there when you need it.


    Instapps recognize the need of contextual contact. Your contract form is „glued” to your site, always in one place but showing context information inside directing customer to the right people.

Don't miss opportunity to take control, get ideas and engage your customers - ask for product demo / presentation


Who can use it?

Management team

is informed 24/7 on most important customer experience KPIs like NPS, CES and along with engagement rates.

Marketing and PR team

improves your brand image and collects insights for further development

Product team

sees new ideas coming from customers, test implemented changes and observe notes given by real customers on new product and service innovations.

Support team

is noticed in real-time and can react straight away for your customers problems and questions

All your customers benefit from it

  • They can give you feedback both where they are happy or not with your service
  • They always know where to seek contactst and help
  • They are consulted and given help contextually
  • Complainants can grumble and followers can praise you
  • Creatives can share their ideas and have feeling to be heard


We are team player. We know you have tons of great tools and you spent countless hours on your custom solutions. You can use them with instapps.

  • Zapier
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Mailjet
  • Slack
  • Webhooks
  • Google Data Studio
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Elastic

Make your website smart

Let us show you instapps and talk about how we can solve your problems.


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